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Re: About the Auction House

Postby thebcar » Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:11 pm

I think a few too many drinks were had when this idea was thought of :lol: . None's post said it the best. I agree with all the other posts here as well (didnt read spanish ones). An added point to those is you said you want to reduce the amount of uncommons in the AH (auction house). WHY!?!?! That defeats the purpose of your fusion feature!!! Your really expect us to buy enough packs and get lucky enough for 24 uncommons to make a legendary? We buy them on the AH so we can make use of the fusion feature.
Also, you said that the auction house was almost like a "trade" feature; id really have to disagree with that. Its an open auction for anybody to bid on, i cant count how many times ive tried to sell cards to friends or gym mates and someone else would outbid them and win it. There was never a guarantee so its hard to call it a trade :p

Anyways not trying to hate on you guys, love the game as always. But not a fan of these changes at all.
Cheers :)

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Re: About the Auction House

Postby Socket » Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:57 pm

i total agree with all about the auction.hate the way it is now.please put it back the way it was.

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Re: About the Auction House

Postby Foxgirl1337 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:46 am

I often write to you to report bugs, cheats and problems with the game but this time I am writing to file a protest/complaint with the new changes made to the auction house. I will be honest with you and I apologize for being blunt and straightforward but I was so appalled to see the changes brought that I could not just let it go without doing nothing. In this case, I think the word GREED is appropriate to describe the changes brought, all I see is a huge Money Grab on your behalf and at the players detriment or interest. If your goal is to make more money off the players then it's a good idea, THEN AGAIN, maybe not such a good idea at all... Right now there is a huge influx of new players coming from Kongregate because of the badges offered. When these new players come in, want more cards , they will see the ridiculous amount of tokens needed to bid (ONCE) and will be turned off right away !

I have bought tokens and gold myself in the past, but right now, I am seriously turned off by such ridiculous, exaggerated numbers in required tokens !

When I first started this game, I found that needing one token for every single bid was already exaggerated and a bit of a money grab but now, it's mind-boggling, it's a pretty cheap blow to your players and it really translates to: PAY TO WIN ! even more so now ! :oops: :( :roll:

Right now, you are encouraging people who have lots of real life money to spend for a few tokens which will only permit them to bid on a few auctions, if not only one....

Spending tokens is NOT bidding btw, and it is and has never Been an AUCTION, it has always been about spending tokens.... Real auctions don't involve spending money until the item is BOUGHT, not spending money on every single bid, just imagine this system in real life and you' would cause everything to drop in value because just bidding would bankrupt any interested parties... Makes no sense, unless you want to make money off the players...

Now it takes 5 tokens to just BID on a legendary, 3 on epics, etc... like seriously... I was wondering , a few days ago, what was the point in posting cards in the auction house since barely no one buys them, it's a waste of time and tokens and now I can understand why, even more so now... The person with lots of real life money won't care, he will get all the cards he/she wants while the regular Joe will get NOTHING. It's simply not fair !

Right now , any packs you offer in the game has WAY too many stones, people are sick and tired of stones and stones and yet more stones... (except maybe the legendary ones). People will buy tons of packs with gold and get a low chance of getting legendaries. Before they had the auction house option, now.... Way too friggin expensive ! forget that idae, rely on packs... then leave the game because they will be tired of getting nothing good.

PLEASE, revert back to the old (usual) bidding costs because right now, it's downright insulting, kinda low, misguided and extremely frustrating and disappointing for pretty much everyone !

I Honestly think, you guys are shooting yourselves in the foot with thee changes, raising the token cost is NOT helping at all !

On the other hand, thank you for fixing the constant auction house bugs that made the auctions end prematurely, it's much appreciated and will stop cheaters from always getting way with their cards !

I know you guys have a lot to do, have many ideas and this proves that you;re trying to do something about yoor game but in this case, PLEASE, reconsider what you have done, it's making matters worse !

I cannot speak for others but I can speak for myself and right now, with such ridiculous token costs, I have ZERO intentions on buying anything or bidding, it's a total waste of tokens and resources; I'm sure I'm not alone on this way of thinking/feeling !

PLZ revert ! :shock:

Thank you for your time , consideration and understanding !

Cheers !

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Re: About the Auction House

Postby Sapulpaboy » Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:02 pm

With all the responses, I say it looks like you have make a mistake with these changes.

Best thing would be restore tokens if the card doesn't sell. Set the token cost back for those bidding.

There wouldn't be so many weak & low level cards if you would allow people to sell them for more coins in the deck area.

It's decisions like this is why people are only doing the PvP and you're loosing people left and right.
Every single gym member I had has left the game entirely.

Would be best if you listen to people more here and in the forums on Kong.

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Re: About the Auction House

Postby GenericKongPlayer » Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:37 pm

1# So many cards are not worth their enforced value in trades since they cant be played effectively.
2# Many cards in the rare group are worse than uncommon. (see voltdril (rare) and tropix (uncommon)) The rare is weaker in ability 1-10 vs uncommon 1-15, plus the uncommon got a strong evolution. Essentially making voltdril worth 0 and cant be auctioned for less than 200. Idiotic.
3# Everyone need coins, new players are so coinstarved they auction their uncommon cards thus auctionhouse is filled with uncommon and they use the suggested price or slightly lower 100 to 150. Pretty much only minigon and a few other utility ones are worth that!
4# Not enough chips, cant place bids in safety.

These are 4 reason why the auctionhouse doesnt work atm. Theres loads more.

From my pov where I am in the game (lvl 110+, 100+ triple stars working on 125 on day 8.) Every day theres so many dejected new players being frustrated with the 0 progress they are making after the first or second day around level 25-45 depending on activity. They simply don't have cards. They cant fusion, too expensive. They cant get cards they need, auction too expensive. Players finding out they need 250 coins to play in a gym prevents them from being allowed in etc.

The point is the barrier of entry is astronomical. And their only option as they see it is to auction and no cards ever sell. Hell Ive been sending out rares and epics at the lowest amount allowed. None sells. Because they aint worth their enforced cost.

What you have created is not an auction house. Its a shop! with set prices with the option of bidding on some exceptionally good cards.

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