Deckbuilding in pvp

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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby Blitz » Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:23 pm

Myr I'm not saying you have bad ideas. I'm saying your ideas don't fit this game. This game values small mana minions over large mana minions because of the rules of mana building. There are tons of games out there that value big minions over small ones. That is not how this game is designed. I believe if the devs change this game so you aren't bored by pvp, most of the players that have been here since the beginning won't like it. Hey devs why don't you hire myr to make a 5th game for you and let us keep the game we love to play.
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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby GoM88 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:59 pm

Blitz when they make better high Mana Card These can get a bigger vault... With some "extra Mana"-cards "Beat down" Decks can be possible (i think that can make straight Green Decks more playable).
that's only 1 example, but:
You get Mana vor Evers Minion... So when You Change this Minions to hard You can easy destroy The big Changes never good for online-games
And an maxsize Tor low-mana Cards is complete Trash by this mechanic
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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby Jagor » Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:26 pm

Great idea Blitz !
Myr lets make an Pirate Tcg together with Frozenshard !!! ;)
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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby Blitz » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:49 pm

Myr Heroes empire TCG by Frozenshard you start with max mana so higher mana cards are more valued. The difference between the 2 games is why some of us that have been playing Frozenshard games for years like this game more. Some like that game more. Those are personal preferences. Are there problems with the balance in this game? Absolutely. Does that mean they should change the basis that all decks have been built on since the game was released? Absolutely not. There's a saying "you don't throw out the baby with the bathwater". Changing the mechanics of the game would be throwing out the baby.
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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby Bazza » Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:19 am

Maybe new summoner abilities could help balance the game or make high cost cards viable
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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby Aradain » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:45 am

The spells are the issue. Its in the nature of this game to be able to dump your hand. Its being able to fill a board with cards that ignore defenses and then buffing them beyond AoE control.

Bribery helps counter a flyer or rifleman setup and it is AoE for 1 mana. This spell needs a change with either a mana increase or single target only.

Both of the buff cards provide too much as well. They provide insane value. Make Dark Call provide attack and Natures Spirit (cant remember atm) provide health. Or 2/1 and 1/2 respectively. These changes fit with the color theme, death providing attack and nature providing life.

Maybe a slight blanket nerf on low fliers as well. I am sorry for the people that devoted a lot of time to their decks but there is a glaring problem with this games PvP. The strategy will always be strong but right now it is just insane. I eagerly await a content drop to see any changes. Til then, you gotta ask..

What is the future of a game with 1 meta deck?
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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby jelokym » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:18 pm

well i read the posts so far on this topic and all of them have have points.

i wanted to pinpoit a different aspect and point of view.

indeed the low cost cards even the heroic versions are not overpowered.

the +x/+x type buffs make them overpowered.

so instead of adjusting / nerfing low mana cost cards there is another option:

the +x/+x type buffs can be adjusted / nerfed .

the current buffs can be re-organized as +y/+z or +y/0 or 0/+z or +y/+y style where y,z<x
one other alternative their costs can be raised they all cost 2 mana atm which is very cheap !

this way the older players keep their legendary/heroic version cards unchanged which they invested a lot of time/effort.

there will be more tactics/strategies.

other cards will have more value

other heroes different than plaguemaster can be used in high level pvp .

noone has put extraordinary effort in +x/+x type buffs.They drop from chests or bought from auction easily/cheap.

the process is simple.

well frankly there may be tons of disadvantages but i havent thought them througly.

i just wanted to present a different alternative.
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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby ElfScum » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:20 pm

After reading through this topic I felt that I had to react. As a player who likes this game as it is now (which was also the reason I spent some money on it), I do concurr with some of the problems, but also would advocating strongly against big changes on it.
In my youth I played an aweful lot of magic the gathering so I do have a bit of experience with this kind of cardgames. Later on I developped a guilty pleasure for online gaming, which is now a nice distraction when I need a break during work.

What could make the game better?

What the setup consist, I think much can be solved by creating the possibility to play instants (playing cards while it is not your turn). In Magic this is called a control deck. It would reinforce less popular classes like engineer/tinker/ and would be a nice counter to decks that have been build around small minions (e.g. plague/knight/monk/...), if instants like counterspells would be part of the deck. It also would create a more versatile playing style which require an extra thinking wether to use or not use mana. Only thing that might plead against this is how easy/hard it would be to program such a thing

What the nerfing of any cards concerns, I'm making a plea against that: As mentioned before a lot of players put time and energy and sometimes money in creating their deck, which they probably thought long and hard about. Changing the meta would basically mean giving them the finger... The only thing that would lead to is the reaction of a distrust from the loyal player base, some disinterest and in a worst-case scenario... a reciprocated finger in return .

An interesting idea would also be to create a dungeon where, players have to be online at the same time and go in with 3-4-5 against 1 big monster. It could be compared with WOW where you need one healer, some tanks and maybe a counter/burstdeck. However... Again I do not know how easy or hard this is to program.

PVP: Draws are inconsistant here. I get matched regurarely against an FS_n00bie123 which translates basically in : "you even win if you play your cards randomly".

What should not be changed?

I agree with the fact that heroic/ legendary cards should be OP as blitz mentioned before. It's the reason why they are legendary/ heroic after all. A heroic/ legendary card that would be bad in a deck doesn't quite earn that title in the first place. Temper with this and it would prevent any grinding and any paying since players wouldn't have the certainty of their investment.

I also agree with the fact that the meta of this game, as of now, resolves around small creatures: it's a smart way of playing and it improves speeding up the development of your deck. Changing this would not only change the meta of this game, but also would make it more unplayable: It's already a big pain in the ass that you sometimes not get a decent hand (even after reshuffling your deck) to start with in PVP. Changing this would only make the game more unbalanced and drive some of us away from the game... In all card games, economy (in this case mana and cards) is important: that's just a fact, not something you can change.

PVP: I also do not mind the fact that a lot of the decks on the top players consist of the same cards... It means that those cards are good in the first place and apparently the best players think the same about that. Changing this would only make other cards better... which would instantly lead to the same result.

Just my 2 cents ;-).

Kind regards,

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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby ElfScum » Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:07 pm

My 2 cents on this topic...

I'm playing this game for a small 3 weeks now and I think blitz has the right ideas... In my youth I played a lot of magic the gaterhing and later I developped a guilty pleasure for online games. I do look forward to an update but I think the makers of this game shouldn't change it too much because as it is now, it isn't broken (too much). Let me elaborate:

1. Cardgames like these will always center around creating a deck that cooperates well together and is economic. In this game mana and deck development is that economy. Therefore most of the decks will indeed consist of low cost minions that can control the first turns... while decks that focus on larger creatures start to take the overhand after turn 3-4. Playing the low cost minions too early can even lock a board, which is contra productive for a fast player deck.

I won't deny that most of the topplayers, as it is, use a decent plaguedeck because as of now they can provide the best combos. Players aren't idiots and will always look for those combos. Nerfing cards/ classes will be contraproductive, because the only results it will bring is that:
- players will just find the new OP class again and play that instead.
- players will feel cheated because of their time (and/or money) they invested in upgraded their cards to legendary/heroic
- players would think twice about spending any more money in this game (so would I).

2. Adding cards to this game can solve some of the problems but a danger with that is that we will have almost the same class with the same sort of cards but a different name everywhere. I really hope the update won't verge in that direction because it would lose every originality in this game. What could be a solution is to create 'instants': cards that can be played whenever one wants. It would provide certain classes more control and would be hard to play against, while they have weaker minions/buffcards. This sort of control deck would probably best fitted for the engineer (though then it might give tinker the main upperhand again). Of course I don't have any idea if this is can be implemented or not

3. Nerfing cards would be a very bad choice imo... As blitz said before, a lot of players spend a considerable time and/or money in upgrading them to legendary/heroic. It is more then logical that you only do that with the cards that are fairly good since you would have to be daft to create a "heroic failure" :p.

4. What would also widen the game a bit is a more balanced PVP-field or another clanevent: If I see my opponent is an FS_n00bie123, it basically translates as: "you win". On the contrary I have been drawn 10 times against the same good player as well... which is also a bit of a nuisance. A possible clan-event would be that you have to be online together to tackle a dungeon where you battle a hard PVE-boss, and where you need a healer, some tanks, some spells,... Maybe it would be good to consider those things as well.

Just my 2 cents,

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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby Kramito » Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:49 am


First of all, sorry for the late reply (there was a problem with the posts and I didn't approve them because I didn't see them).

There're a lot of good ideas, right now we're working in a expansion (more than 50 new cards that we'll use it to "balance" the game with new options). Your feedback is really helpful.


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