Some bugs

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Some bugs

Postby 1trickpotato » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:02 am

The reason I am making this post is because my hell mode is bugged, but i thought i might as well gather all the bugs i've found so far (as far as i can recall them) together in one post.

First of all, the hell mode. I was wondering why I am only getting 1 gold and no xp while i was trying to level classes in hell mode, turns out it was bugged. I kept playing until around stage 20 but i was able to play stage 150 right away, even though i obviously only cleared until stage 20-ish. My Avatar is sitting at stage 150 as well. Would it be possible to somehow reset that, or could you give me instructions on how to fix that problem?

Besides that I've found a few bugs that you might want to look into, when you have the spare time.

1.) Card specific bugs

Shadow - Damage does not stack if 2 shadows are played on the same turn, they only deal 5 damage together (maybe this is intended, as the poison mechanic also works this way, but the wording doesn't say poison so i'm just adding this here)

Black Dragons - Definitely bugged. Crush works but the shield ability does not work. The card takes full damage.

Soulsteal - Not quite sure about this one but i think it is a bug. The card only lets you target summoners. I don't see why an epic dark card should do that when toxic strike, a basic dark card, does more damage for the same cost (only thing that makes sense to me in this regard is that it'd be possible to play toxic strike AND soulsteal in the same deck)

2.) Class specific bugs

Warlock - The Warlock passive triggers twice when playing Dark Call doing 4 damage instead of 2. Not sure if any other cards do this as well. However if you press the fight button fast enough you can more or less control the damage of the warlock hero power by playing cards fast and not letting it trigger as often as it should (tested it with dark call, also tested it playing 2 minions but only taking damage once from the passive)

Tinker - Similarly to what i descibed above, when you hit the fight button too fast and are playing tinker, your creature can actually get blocked by a dead creature, which is really annoying. Example: the opponent just has 1 minion with 1 health on board, i play a minion into the slot in front of that minion. This minion should die due to the tinker passive and mine should get through, if i click too fast however the minion will block before the missile flying on the screen can hit it.

There are also a couple of other instances where things happen due to clicking too fast. This is not class specific but i still remember how i once crafted 2 copies of a card, lost the gold for both copies but only got 1 crafted card out of it.

3.) Bugs i have seen other players use

I am not sure how exactly these bugs work but i have seen them used, by accident and on purpose. I am not sure how to reproduce them but if you want me to i can also specify the names of the players that used those bugs.
I have played someone playing Knight cards with a Knight skin and a Barbarian hero power.
The other bug i have seen used against me is playing 2 minions in the same slot. My opponent was able to simply replace his minions with new ones. At first he did it with a second copy of the same minion, then he started replacing them with completely different minions as well.

My apologies for the long post. If you could come up with a fix for my hell mode problem that'd be great!
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Re: Some bugs

Postby Kramito » Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:51 am


First of all thanks for this post and the information provided.

Shadow -> Intended, you can only have one "poison" at the same time.
Black Dragons -> Yes, it will be fixed on the next update.
Soulsteal -> It should get some balance this card, we'll be changes for the next update.

Warlock -> Yes, it will be fixed on the next update.
Tinker -> We'll investigate this issue to get them fixed.

Class & Cards not matching -> We did a few changes for the next update and should not happen again.

Hell Mode: We'll increasing and adding new ways to gain XP on the game (it's one of our top priorities right now). We want to increase the amount on the campaign, Raids and PvP. With these changes you will be able to get the XP from Hell Mode and get extra when you play pvp or raids.

We expect that the update will be able at the end of this month (not just with bug fixing but with new changes and cards!).

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Re: Some bugs

Postby 1trickpotato » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:49 pm

Thank you for the quick reply.

I hae another issue today. I tried to set up an auction for a legendary card but lost 5 AH tokens and the auction expired instantly after i set it up. I can claim the card back but my tokens are gone : (
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Re: Some bugs

Postby Blitz » Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:54 am

I just played against a guy with a black red deck with a necromancer skin and passive but the warlock hero power. This is OP as I've ever seen. I would love to be able to play that combo but I figure the warlock passive is the way it is to balance things out. It seems totally unfair that this deck exists. I beat 95% of players but can't touch this combo and the player is a stage 140 player. This all just seems wrong.

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