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server problem

Postby pinko » Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:22 am

i'm a Mayhem guild member
in playing the game often it happens 'Loading server data/info' process and then often there is 'reconnect' request. Always it happens when i'm playing a raid ticket so i get interrupted at first or second hand.
In a other game - Hero Quest - when it happens there isn't reconnect request and i never get interrupted in gameing. I think it's a great problem for Magic Quest game.
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Re: server problem

Postby Kramito » Mon Mar 16, 2020 7:53 am


We'll review if there was any problem with the servers this weekened, but I can't see anything wrong at first glance. The problem that you mention looks like a connection issue with the server but if doesn't happen with our other games sounds a bit strange, thanks for bringing this issue.


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