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Reasons why i leave

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 7:10 am
by viech
I play this game since 2 years and it made much fun
But now its only frustrating for a non payer like me

First you bring out brotherhood with an op card
This you have solved when you nerfd ac

Non payers like me are unable to get legendary brotherhood cards for example since new chests come out i got only 1 legendary from them and i spent every week my weekly rewards for chests

In the first weeks i got 1 legendary each week when i won greenmaw forest over 60 times

But the last update makes it very hard to get a win so i played it 100 times and won 30 of them and only 2 rare cards i got

And new raids i never saw a player who got the legendary ambaddsor or the ship

I can only say for me its time to leave to much pay4win

I mean i dont want to be the best or something but every week hours of playing for nothing that can make a deck better is frustrating

Maybe it would help when you make chests cheaper and drop rate a little bit higher

Matchmaking faster in silver league i have to wait every time 90 seconds or more and then i only get a bot

Drop rate in green maw dungeon higher and take manticore and green maw out of it

Thank you for the time i spent with this game but now i m done :D

Re: Reasons why i leave

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:19 am
by Kramito

Thanks for your feedback, we feel really sorry that you left the game.

As always we'll review your feedback about the chests and the cost for a future update. Actually we did increase the legendary chance when we created the brotherhood chests and we think that we can increase the amount of Brotherhood rewards (instead of basic chests) in different places such as PvP or Raids.