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Postby jeffoot » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:02 pm

hello and thanks for this fun game.

here are some suggestions for the next update( i m french and maybe some ideas will not be clear) :

- the auction : when i launch the game, i just look 1 min at the auctions maximum ...
why? because i know i will not sell (not enough token) and i know i will not buy ( no token left or no interesting cards ) .. HOW BORING !

--> FIRST: make selling cards FREE: no token plz ! : no one will spend real money for token just to sell his own cards for gold !!
SECOND : Why the game doesn't sell some cards in auctions ?? a developper has just to put in auction regulary one pretty rare card like cerberus ( impossible to get with xp with barb and not very overpowered ) : there are always the same cards in auction : bads cards : there should be more differents cards in auction !
THIRD: plz, i would like a real auction: why players can't sell the card with the price they want? if you want to sell a card 20000 gold , you just can't ! why ?

- the power of the cards: the cards with mana over 4 are underpowered: you must give more bonus or more power to theses cards. A lot of heroics cards are just useless ! where are the great powers of theses cards? for exemple a card with 10 mana to kill all ennemies is a stupid card: if i kill all enemies with all my mana, the enemy will pop up some minions just after.. what is the use of this card??

- the PVP : there are always not equity between class. Why not more PVP rankings ladder ? one pvp ranking for plaguemaster, one for barb, one for monk etc.. and one for ALL class . this could be fun to see which player master each class.
Another simple idea too : why not keeping the name of each leader of the PVP class for each month: with a simple click, we could see who is the top winners of each class since the beginning of the game.
And the most important: there should be a new rule for pvp duels for the winning points : some players do more than 1000 pvp duels to get the first rank. it is unfair : nolife players win and some are even a second account to get quickly an (easy) opponent.Why not give +1pt for a victory -1 point for losses and 0 point against bots ? and also put a max pvp duels: limit the numbers by day to 10. it makes 300 by month. ( pvp vs bot = don't count )

-hell dungeons: why the rewards are always the same for the legendary cards ?? why not a random legendary card when it dropped? hell dungeons are just useless ! Hard dungeons is also useless: you should give not a random card but at least a "dungeon card"

I have player more than 1 year in this game, spend some euros to thank developpers and after one year playing each day, i m far very far to get some heroics cards i need because it is too difficult to get 48 cards for crafting one heroic ! be more generous in auction, in dungeons and let us the choice of the card; there are too many randomless in the game. How many players given up the game because of this ?

thxs for reading this. i know it will probably change nothing to the game anyway...

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Re: suggestion

Postby Kramito » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:50 am


Thanks for your feedback, we'll take it in consideration for the new update.

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Re: suggestion

Postby GoM88 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:58 pm

Hey fs Team... I posted in the second Post With Same Text... Pls Reader that too!

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