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Re: Pvp matching

Postby BurnOne » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:34 pm

Hi. My current ingame nick is "on_acid" and I do agree that fighting for a spot in top10 whilst never having encountered 5 out of 10 current top10 players during the current season feels extremely wrong and not like the competition I do want to take part in... I want to at least have a brawl for the points once every now and then during a season against my competitors, otherwise the relative advantage I've been fighting, grinding and paying for is just not existent anymore and therefore progress is feeling pointless.

Dear devs, please adjust these mechanism, they are clearly not working right. I do get that especially newer players get discouraged facing all heroic'd out decks all the time, but if I play all day and see my competitors rsie as well, I do want to be able to rip points of them every other match no matter the mechanism behind it. This needs to be adjusted, current incentive is to find a ratio of crafted up and lousy so you wouldn't face top decks anymore... this can't be right. Set this straight guys! Now!
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