Deckbuilding in pvp

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Re: Deckbuilding in pvp

Postby GoM88 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:52 pm

Sorry when i was that.. but Something Like a "Clash"-spell Like in Magic can't Work With this App... That means The devs Must make an App With an completly Other Kind to Work... But traps can Work with this App i think... But they they Must Work With a Trigger and Not when a Player Want to activate...

What that Game need are Cards with sacrifice effect... When i have a full field i can do nothing... A Spell for wach volle for 1 Mana With sacrafie alle your Monster for an x effect brings more Activity in the Games... (Per example... Red 2 damage per Monster for opponents Minions... Blue 3 damage per Monster in opponents Player... White 3 heal in You for Every Monster... Dark -1/-1 for Every Monster for each oppponent Minion)
Or a Monster What You can't Play for Mana only when You sac 2 or 3 Monsters...

Edit: and Personals i realy Hope on a usefull 1 Mana red or colorless Monster that it ist realy possible to Play all Monsters in a barb-deck as heroic... I know full-heroic ist only cosmetic gut i realy Want to have XD

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