Desynching during PvP and other weirdness.

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Desynching during PvP and other weirdness.

Postby Jernau » Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:50 am

During this PvP match my opponent had the same name as another player, but was obviously just a bot (no avatar picture, same cards and play style as other bots), clearly there was some kind of glitch.
After 2 turns there was a message saying that the game desynchronised and I got a loss. I have a 100% win record this season, and I was exceedingly confident of another victory but I was awarded a loss and penalised 18 ranking points.
Please give me back my 18 ranking points if that is possible :twisted:
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Re: Desynching during PvP and other weirdness.

Postby Kramito » Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:50 am

Hello Jernau,

Sorry about that, but we can't change the ratings or victory/loss matches, it'll cause problems with our pvp server system. I'll check what happened on your match, so we can fix it.


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