Please do something about PvP

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Please do something about PvP

Postby Jernau » Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:18 am

Please fix the PvP, I just queued for 2 hours without getting a single match. I just get the message "no opponents of similar rating could be found". I completed a few easy adventures while I waited, but I am not playing this game to grind easy adventures. I am playing for PvP, of which there seems precious little to be had.

Yesterday I got the vip offer and took advantage, today I finally succumbed and spent serious money on your game. I did so because I like the premise of the game, the artwork and the mechanics. I already regret doing so because of the frustration of not being able to find any opponents.
Please do two things for me:

-Fix all the bugs with desynching in PvP
-Advertise the game and attract more players

If you can't get enough players in PvP to keep your current player base interested you will never be able to grow or become profitable. I am already wondering how long you will last.

I used to play War of Omens, another ccg on Kongregate. It had a much larger player base, you could be guaranteed a PvP match within 5 seconds, at any time of the day. The company that produced it collapsed and stopped releasing new updates, although a couple of dedicated developers keep it up and running still. You have set your game up to be better able to monetize your product, but first you need a market. Without a strong player base and good PvP your product is worthless.
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Re: Please do something about PvP

Postby nAFAI » Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:27 am

Hello Jernau,

First of all thanks a lot for your kind words and support, good things are that we are on the same page than you, and we are perfectly aware of those issues as our most critical ones. That's why we are putting all our efforts on strengthen those two points.

We have been able to tackle down all of the critical bugs during this week, and we also have plans on investing in Marketing once our next update hit all the platforms. We plan to release this major update by the end of february, including several automated systems and PvP improvements in the matchmaking and monthly leagues, so we are very excited about this... as finally if everything goes as planned the game will be in its healthier state.

It's sad to hear that about War of Omens, we were avid players and always thought it was a great concept for a card game, our situation is different though, we are a very small studio and we only increase in numbers when we can afford it, so our development speed is probably really slow compared to other studios but at least we have our back always covered and we know we will be in the market for years to come.

Cheers and don't hesitate to keep sharing anything you would like!

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