sujection to improve game and atract more players

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sujection to improve game and atract more players

Postby joaodbe » Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:24 pm

I know i already posted this idea on the forum and you guys said that you didnt wanted to take players from pvp, but lets face it, youre getting less and less players on pvp queu, so, as a matter of getting and atracting more new players to the game, i sugest again to add a draft tournament.
Lets see, new players start this game and go to pvp and always lose cause they aint got good cards, well this just might make them early forfeit the game. Well, if you do a draft tournament lets say at a given day at a fixed hour and given them the chance to keep the cards they pick with for example a ticket that you could buy or, for example, change 7 day reward for 1 of those tickets, they get the chance of getting good competitive decks faster and so they keep getting motivated to play this game. Im a huge tcgamer and i can tell by experience, tcg that have drafts always have a huge community and i think that this could be the solution for almost all of the problems...
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Re: sujection to improve game and atract more players

Postby aleman » Sat Jan 30, 2016 8:52 pm

Thx for the topic, some changes would be nice, totally agree with you.

Also sth to enchance longterm motivation would be great ... new cards, new levels, more gold for crafting, better pvp season rewards (pvp season rewards are no motivation at all to me to compete with others tbh), improved rewards for hard adventures, more competition among alliances, bug fixing, etc ...

I am mentioning all this cause I have reached a certain point at which the gaming experience began to stagnate. I have been playing this game for a couple of weeks by now and will probably stop soon cause there is not much left to do. Pls take this as a critical feedback from a concerned gamer. I like this game ... but there are some issues that I would love to see being fixed.

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