Offer idea to help attract and keep newer players.

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Offer idea to help attract and keep newer players.

Postby AlabamaMan » Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:01 am

I think we need a new offer that can help attract and keep new/newer players to this game. In the 4 months this game has been out, there are some rather advanced card pools out there and new players to pvp might be turned off to the entire game by unluckily getting matched against these pools several times.

I think I have a solution to this problem. Lets make either a new vip offer or a one time purchase offer to help get some confidence into our community and those who will be joining our community. I believe the answer is a theme deck or competitive starter deck. For around 5 bucks maybe a player will get a card pool of 15-20 cards mostly uncommons but with some key rares. It's not a full deck so players can finish it with some of their own cards to give it a more personal feel.

Example deck
Atilla x1 rare
Aquilles x1 rare
Khesig x1 rare
Hastati x1 rare
Hastati x1 uncommon
Scipio x1 uncommon
Joanna D'arc x1 uncommon
Hypaspists x1 uncommon
Saladin x1 uncommon
Celtic Warriors x1 uncommon
Ramses x1 uncommon
Barbarian Warriors x1 uncommon

Kite shield x1 rare
Horse saddle x1 uncommon
Claymore x1 uncommon

Basically 5 rare and 10 uncommon for 5 bucks but that will get you going in the right direction for pvp. Total gold value if sold is 5250 which is close to your 10 buck package but making it a one time offer would prevent it from being abused. This is what I thought would help our community strengthen!

Thanks for reading
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Re: Offer idea to help attract and keep newer players.

Postby nAFAI » Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:01 am

Hmmm, interesting Idea... and definetly could be implemented, not sure if we want to give that many cards to the players but sounds at least worth of looking into. Anyone else thoughts on this?
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Re: Offer idea to help attract and keep newer players.

Postby nAFAI » Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:09 am

Ok I've seen the replies were on other thread, hehe. We are happy to have the one time offers and we are working on improving that system, but also agree that we have to be very cautious as not to give too much. As we agree that if it's a must have offer, f2p players will get bashed completly against those new "rich" players. Nevertheless the overall idea is still very interesting.
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Re: Offer idea to help attract and keep newer players.

Postby AlabamaMan » Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:24 am

Yes I agree, you don't want a game to have a reputation of being pay to win. I would like to see a way to get brand new players up to speed a little more. Maybe double daily rewards for their first week? Something to give them incentive to come back each day and get them hooked. It's tricky, this might just be the way it is though that in order to get into this game competitively you have to grind.

Or maybe a random daily quest that offers gold or a free adventurer scroll for completeing a random objective like win a pvp game with only 2 factions for a scroll or 400 gold for completing 2 medium adventures. This might be getting off topic now but I do think that this will add variety each day and give new players and old something different to do each day.
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Re: Offer idea to help attract and keep newer players.

Postby Hisi » Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:57 pm

How about giving lots of stuff for free for new acounts only?
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Re: Offer idea to help attract and keep newer players.

Postby ershan81 » Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:29 pm

yea 2x daily gift maybe for 1 month is good idea.
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Re: Offer idea to help attract and keep newer players.

Postby framer » Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:22 pm

What these kind of games usually do is let you advance very fast early on so the player feels rewarded to keep playing and once it starts to slow down feels invested enough in his account to keep playing. I did miss that in this game when starting out. Yes, you get a lot of gold and a feeling of progression from the campaign, but at that point you have no idea yet of the value of gold so it doesn't feel as rewarding. I think giving stuff for free only devalues whatever it is you give away, either gold or cards. So in the spirit of getting players "hooked" through playing the game I have these suggestions.

1) An "Adventure Quest" instead of the current adventure tutorial that pops up (just let the quest pop up instead, not just put in the questlist). The quest is: complete x easy adventures. Give away a guaranteed master scroll after completing an easy adventure each of these first x (maybe 5 times for each adventure, 20 total) times (make it a fancy pop up to clarify it's an extra reward). It makes sure new players start out with easy adventures to get the hang of them and allows them to start building a deck immediately. Completing the last of this x amount gives an ancient or mystic scroll and tickets for a free medium adventure (2 for each adventure or so).

Next stage of the quest will be to beat a medium adventure. The free tickets allow people to see how good they are in the format and if they would spend 200 on it once they run out of the free tickets. Once they beat each adventure once on medium give them another reward scroll and the same quest and tickets for hard, explicitly warning them in the quest that hard adventures are hard and intended for experienced players. This way they can see that the daily quest will be very hard to complete and hopefully prevent the feeling of wasting gold on hard adventures (seems a big turnoff and is often complained about in Kong chat). At the completion of their first hard adventure another reward scroll and maybe 100-200 quest gems or so.

This would be a total reward of 20 master scrolls, 3 mystic scrolls, 8 free medium tickets and 8 free hard tickets and give a real introduction to all adventures. Added bonus is that the quest will take a significant time to actually complete, where in campaign you get similar bonuses but all in the span of the first 20 or so levels which are rushed through very quickly. (I would make all 4 adventures available at all times btw, since there are only 4 the rotation seems a bit forced, would be interested in hearing what other players think of this)

2) The "starter pack" that was suggested here. I like the idea of one very much, but it's always hard to pick cards since you shouldn't "enforce" a certain style of play from the start. Figuring out which cards you want and like is most of the fun in a CCG. How about making 2 or 3 thematically different packs, based on abilities or which army they belong to? Then to avoid any p2w issues offer them for gold as well, and make the deal have a similar value as the VIP offer in gold vs currency/Kreds.

As an example (just made this up quickly, if you like the idea we can work out what cards to use)
Pack 1 (self buffers):
4x rare: Arthur, Joanna, Ramses, Vlad -8x uc: 2 Priests, 2 Principes, 2 Chu-Ko-Nu, 2 Hypaspists
Pack 2 (enemy debuffers):
4x rare: Sun Tzu, Beowulf, William Wallace, Scipio -8x uc: 2 Slaves, 2 Hastati, 2 Atlatists, 2 Thessalian Cavalry
Pack 3 (destroying cards):
4x rare: Yue Fei, Miyamoto, Hannibal, Achilles -8x uc: 2 Urbanae, 2 Peltasts, 2 Celt Chariots, 2 Cataphracts

Each has 1 rare+ hero, 2 uc+ and one c+, then filled it out with similar non heroes (each a wall, a cheap unit, a direct dmg dealer and an expensive armor card). I'd make a price of around 8000 gold OR 2/3 of the price of a VIP offer, making it an attractive purchase for people that want to spend money, but still having it available for people that want to grind out the gold.

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