Hard Colosseum true difficulty.

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Hard Colosseum true difficulty.

Postby AlabamaMan » Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:04 am

Ok this adventure used to be the easy of the two. I am thinking this adventure is now the second hardest next to shogunate.

This deck needs to be tweaked and by that i mean the AI deck. I'm sorry but you can't have both aquilles and sipio in the deck. That is ridiculous. You can not punish me for playing BOTH heroes or units. The scipio hurt is too great. You can't have a card that can single handedly make you lose (at least in my opinion). Example and similar situations have happened like this over my past 20 or so runs.

I get decent board control (Meaning I have two units alive, that's it, nothing unstopable just something to prevent most if not all damage on the following turn). Now sipio drops and I lose all my units and have to deal with a medium sized unit or two small units AND a scipio. So now deal with that and try to have units to stay alive for AI's next turn, oh wait that's not possible. You threw your hand realizing you can only deal with the scipio and that's it, take another 15-30 damage next turn still have no board and now deal with 2-3 units and try and come back.

Basically what I am trying to say is that scipio is now WAY TOO STRONG to have opposing you in adventure. The AI is entirely too smart and doesn't make many if any mistakes now. And you only other alternative which is playing heroes has it's "aquilles heel" and that means instant annihilation. Just my opinion but you can't have a deck that punishes you for playing the card given to you.

Fun fact to leave you with. Out of my last 20 games, at some point during game I play gladiator and Spartacus, AI next turn Aquilles and Scipio. Yea that was in 5 out of 20 games. 25% of my games and a big middle finger slammed into my face at some point. Also during said last 20 games record is 8-12. So 6000k gold spent for around 400 gold 5 uc glad 2 uc spart and a rare wonder. I feel jipped!

So please bring back avalon and tribal wars. I think I am coloed out!
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Re: Hard Colosseum true difficulty.

Postby nAFAI » Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:57 am

Hey AlabamaMan,

I see the point that you are rising, we have plans of adjusting the dungeon on our future updates and even increase the overall reward system, on our next major update we will make sure to have a close look at this, as I agree with you Scipio and Achilles combo can be devastating for the AI, we will look on ways to adjust that combo.

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Re: Hard Colosseum true difficulty.

Postby framer » Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:41 am

Can I ask which adventures you are going to take a look at and in which way you plan on adjusting them? Maybe a thread for player feedback could be helpful? Because for me personally the Colosseum is still by far my favorite, but for example Shogunate feels like playing a slot machine between the Minamoto/Achilles instakilling any card you have in play and Ninjas with katanas with unpreventable damage the turn they are played.

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