New Update, comin Nov 19-24, 2018. (Battle Pass + Friendly PvP)

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New Update, comin Nov 19-24, 2018. (Battle Pass + Friendly PvP)

Postby cgascons » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:11 am

Dear players,

We have been lately working on a couple of new features that we are sure you will like:

- Battle Pass: You are right, this is exactly what you are thinking it is. We have developed a new series of Challenges, which you will be able to do every month. These are the details of this feature:
- 50 Challenges / month will be available
- These challenges will slightly vary every month in terms of objectives and rewards.
- There are plenty of newly designed objectives and lots of rewards to receive.
- Some of the Challenges will be timed, i.e. their progress will reset every 24 hours or 7 days (it will be specified in the Challenge information).
- You will have access to check out the objectives and rewards from the Map Screen only.
- We have introduced "Chained challenges", these challenges will grant a special reward when completing the last challenge of the chain.
- There are two types of Battle Passes, the Basic: which all players will have access to at no cost, and the Golden: which any player can upgrade to, by purchasing the Golden Battle Pass.
- The Golden Battle pass will grant, besides the Basic Plan rewards, Golden rewards.
- The upgrade can be purchased once per month, once a player acquires the Golden Battle Pass, all the Golden Rewards that couldn't be claimed before upgrading will be added into the player's Lootbox, and every completed challenge for the rest of the month will grant both the Basic and Golden Rewards.
- At the start of each month (day 1 of each Month), the Golden Battle Pass will be reverted back to the Basic Plan.
- The value of the total amount of rewards received when having a Golden Battle Pass is worth approximately 5 times the price of the Battle Pass cost itself.
- Friendly PvP: We dusted off and revamped a very old feature of ours which has been requested by you guys for quite some time now.
- You will now be able to do Friendly matches against any player in the game.
- These friendly matches will not grant gold nor rating points, and also they will not be taken into account for Quests and Challenges progress.
- Any PvP-eligible player* will be able to send and receive Friendly PvP match requests via two possible ways: Clicking on a Chat message of a player and clicking "PvP" on the sub-screen shown or clicking on a Platoon Member slot (not necessarily your own Platoon, you can browse Platoons and watch their members) and also clicking "PvP" on the sub-screen shown.

*What is a PvP-eligible player? A player that meet the conditions to play Regular PvP (enough Level, a valid deck set up, updated client version, etc...), in addition the player that receives the Request MUST meet the following conditions:
- The player has to be in the PvP or Map Screens (players will not be reachable for PvP while in different Screens)
- Can't be on PvP queue
- Can't receive a request from a Chat-Muted player
- (Especially for mobile players) Can't have the app minimized on their device.

If any of the all these requirements isn't met, the request will be automatically declined and the sender of the request will be notified to try again later.

Please bear in mind that these are two (quite big!) features launched at the same time and even though we have thoroughly tested them it's possible to find some issues, in case of finding one we kindly ask you for your reports and (especially!) your patience.

The update along with both these new features will be released in all platforms (iOS, Android, Facebook & Kongregate) this week, the Battle Pass Season though, won't start until December 1, 2018.
We hope you enjoy this upcoming update and can't wait to hear your thoughts about it! On a side note we will be having some quite nice offers during this week, don't miss them!

Christian "Stone" Gascons
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