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Alt accounts and exploits

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:28 am
by pipiman
Hi there,

since ppl (who we know of that they have alts themself) complain about my alliance members for being alts :

Could you please check ALL players of the Top 5 alliances and Top 25 PvP for :

- alt account win trading / win boosting


- inner alliance win trading / win boosting

Since some ppl openly speak about their alts (e.g. MARKY05 and FS_N4XIF89HD) could you please announce an official statement about Alts ?

Is it ok to have several accounts as long as they dont get matched in PvP ?
In detail : Is it ok when I have 2 or more accounts playing all at the same time on different screens ?

And in addition : Is it legal to win boost alliance mates in PvP by not defending/not playing cards ?

Hope you have some draconian punishments 8-) :lol:

pipiman aka ultrapeasant

Re: Alt accounts and exploits

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:37 am
by Kramito

You can play with multiple accounts if you like.

@ About PvP: If you play against a alliance mate, you won't gain alliance points, and it's your decision to let him win or not. But if you create multiple accounts just to match up with your alliance mates (or yourself) in order to give them points, this is unfair and goes against the rules and therefore we would act in consequence.

Thanks for your post.


Re: Alt accounts and exploits

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:38 pm
by marky05
Again since we have this conversation can you guys answer this: Can you track all of one player's account like mac who has many, since people choose not to read explanation and yet calling me a liar. I am asking can you guys track all of one player's account even if he isn't declaring right information showing that it is who he is on some or his accounts because what i am telling them is you guys can track a player based on the info that they declare and that wont cover all of a person's accounts since they can pretend to be or create a different person account basically same issues 6with bank accounts of a person when they can do ways to avoid it getting track. Please clarify for all people especially those who chooses to disrespect initiatively. Thanks. Also do you guys think cherry picking opponent by using low cards deck to avoid mix matches is what your idea of fair play?:) As far as i know those who dont do so will have lower ranks because they get mix matches and will obtain loses.:) so i believe it ain't fair. Asking permission for peasant league is different from the question of is it fair to others who dont question.

Re: Alt accounts and exploits

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:19 am
by pipiman
@Kramito : I created an alt the day you replied. Would prefere if no alts were allowed at all thoo. I really hope that you guys check for alt exploiting on a regular base ... veryone is blaming all others for alt cheating atm^^

@Marky : I replied there since other topic

Re: Alt accounts and exploits

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:34 pm
by marky05
@pipi i responded already check your link for my respond. @all Again, I'm really positive not all player's account can be trace for the reason i have already explained. Even government has such issues i can go on and mention more entities that couldn't track all accounts, but governments and banks are the top example they haven't solve such. Programmers know that a person can't be 100% trace by his IP as well because that can be altered too.

Re: Alt accounts and exploits

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:16 pm
by framer
You accused of using alts for free PvP wins, I said FS can check (and hopefully does) for that. So to put Markys mind at ease Id like to request that you check all the PvP matches the Broderator account played and if you suspect any wintrading to please let him know :)

Re: Alt accounts and exploits

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:38 am
by marky05
First of framer or ted i know you work for fs or someone in your team and for me it shouldnt even be allowed to play in my opinion because if players can create glitch what more someone who works in fs. And did i really accuse you i have notice it being wierd and i did say cherry picking is much appropriate i am just saying if everyone goes through NORMAL MATCHING you or the allias brod wont get such wins since you guys will suffer more loses than cherry picking avoidance. And next time talk to me directly. Prove things not claim things i only said it is wierd but where is the proof that i said i am accusing. But again it is cherry picking and qoute me on that. On the otherhand, the only one accusing me of hiding and scared are you guys as evidently seen and i have indeed responded. You guys are just wanting special treatment avoiding going through beginner stage again like everyone does. Like i said grant me another slot and let us see how i compete. You can ask Al Thor Guile etc. If i avoided them even if i have small chances of winning and ask if i beat them too not once not twice so you guys would know facts than always sticking to assumptions.