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About the Auction House

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 2:37 pm
by Kramito
Hello Players,

On the last update we did a few changes on the Auction House and how the system works.

- Fixed an issue when you couldn’t bid in an Auction or the Auction finishes with more than one player bidding.

- The Bid Price now changes depending on the rarity of the card (similar to place a card).

Daily Rewards:
- The 7th day reward now gives 1 Auction Token but gives 50 extra Raid Coins.

The main goal of the Auction House was to get that card that you couldn’t have because of “bad luck”. Now, it’s more expensive to put a card on the Auction House rather than bidding for a card. The Auction House was almost a “trade” feature between two players instead of an auction.

We hope with this changes the Auction will be more lively (with less uncommon cards there) and it will increase the value of bidding.

Best Regards,