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auction feedback

Postby DUKUNDE » Sun May 15, 2016 8:58 pm

Auctions are a really awesome feature !
Its fun to buy and sell stuff or simply to watch the auction list and track to which prices stuff gets sold.

Auction tokens are really rare stuff and everyone lacks them. Guess that wad , at some point you have to make some money. Maybe we will all stack tokens after the auctions are not new and exciting anymore instead of using the few we have each day, so too early to complain about that^^

But one thing really annoys me: Its the bid steps/the gold increase per bid.
When I sell an epic for 10k and 2 ppl wanna buy it , the one with the most tokens will get it.
For each bid the price only increases by 100, so the gold increase is only a minor cost. The expensive thing are the tokens invested for each bid.
This is also frustrating for the seller : seeing that his card is super wanted and ppl fight for it , but the amount of gold he gets for that is relatively small.
I mean we all now that there are cards which are harder to get than others of same rarity. The initial max price is capped and from a bid war you wont get much more gold. This doesnt motivate to sell the good stuff^^

Maybe bid steps like 10 for c , 50 for uc , 100 for r , 500 for e and 1k for leg would be better.

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Re: auction feedback

Postby DUKUNDE » Mon May 16, 2016 10:10 pm

An alternative approach would be to drop gold to the seller for each token that is used by the ppl who place bids.
That way tokens would still be the deciding factor for the outcome of an auction and ppl were motivated to buy them.
But this way a bid war would be an exciting experience for the seller too. Besides the small gold increase by each bid he would also get rewarded with gold for the fact that other ppl tokens got consumed by his auction.
Best would be to make the gold reward for a single token dependent of the rarity of the card sold or dependent of the initial card price. And/or the more tokens are used by the bidders the more gold you get for each single token ? Idk^^
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Re: auction feedback

Postby Kramito » Tue May 17, 2016 8:00 am


Thanks for your feedback, we're happy about the current state of the Auction House but there's always room to improvement specially in the gold cost to make them more attractive to the sellers.


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