Unbalanced PVP

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Unbalanced PVP

Postby billsito123 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:03 pm

hello administrator, I am a new player of the game and I have a lot of experience in magic card games among others, I have little more than a month playing Heroes Empire: TCG the juice is fantastic is very good gives you many hours of fun, what happens is that in the theme of JCJ can not win is always the same players who take the first 2 places, the problem is that they have unfairly for a JCJ duel for example the Wonder card of Peru, Machu Picchu with that letter reduces life in 1 and you can kill it with the power to take 2 life, it does not matter which letter is the wonder Machu Picchu and the power to kill any card, the cost is 3 points and you have 7 with 7 points you can remove a troop on foot of the Roman army called Hastati evolved to the maximum, then what makes it unfair to play a JCJ for the Wonder to kill any of the cards then there is another card called Sun-tzu Chinese hero, eliminates all the skills of all the enemy cards and the worst of all is that its cost is very low to the accessories and on the other hand Minamoto no Japanese hero yoshitsune that destroys any card that is tropa standing or mounted, in JCJ cards with those skills are not fair for any player, every time someone tries to play the juice and wants a game in PVP and see how unfair it is he will be discouraged from playing and will abandon the game, I was thinking about abandoning it, but not without first letting them know my opinion, I think they should review heroes cards and see which are very strong in PVP games to balance it, so I want to contribute my opinion on the basis of having played more than a month, first of all I wish the best to the Heroes Empire team: TCG thanks.

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